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Confused with photo editing or shooting? getting blurry photos that don't look good when zoomed in? This ebook is for you. 

Whether you consider yourself advanced, or just starting out, this comprehensive ebook will give you all the information you need to optimize your workflow and get product photos that sell.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

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Tips on how to shoot better product photos from gear to lighting and composition

The photo editing techniques you need to know about

Tips on how to upload photos to your site and social media: what are the right image sizes, how to improve SEO, and more

An avid black and white photographer and print maker, David Sinai is the founder and president of Picsera, "Your photo editing team". He created Picsera to provide businesses a solution to editing images fast and affordably. 

Meet the Writer: David Sinai

About Picsera, Your Photo Editing Team

Enhancing your images is just a part of what Picsera can do for your business. Whether you’re an event or portrait photographer, real estate professional, or an e-Retailer, Picsera is your personal team of photo editors that integrate seamlessly with your business.

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